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Blue Light-Blocking Lenses

With people staring at computers, phones, tablets, and televisions every day, protecting our eyes is more important than ever.

Too much blue light can cause eyestrain and affect sleep patterns. Blue-enriched light naturally comes from the sun, and digital screens emit this same light, so exposure comes in many forms.

Blue light-blocking lenses can help protect you from eye strain and keep your body in its natural rhythm. Studies show blocking 100% of blue-light is not recommended, but you can choose how much blue light to block.

These lenses are available in clear lens options, with or without a prescription, and you have a lens choice from a few providers: Essential Blue, Eyezen, and Blue Zero.

Let us know how we can help you protect your eyes!

Our Brands


With more than 20 brands, which include designer eyewear, Wayne Vision offers plenty of options for everyday glasses and sunglasses. With the help of the Wayne Vision team, you can find the style that fits you best.

Vince Brown, Optician


Vince Brown has served the Main Line area for more than 25 years as a certified ABO optician and contact lens technician. As the owner of Wayne Vision, Vince helps you find the perfect solution for all eyewear needs.

Dr. Barbara Andree


Barbara C. Andree, O.D. specializes in expert contact lens fitting and low vision correction. Certified in therapeutics and glaucoma treatment, Dr. Andree has been serving Main Line patients since 1986.

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